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Over the past few years Jesse Jendah aka King Furnace has dropped a couple of interesting releases which are being reviewed in the following article

Jesse Jendah aka King Furnace brings forth a variety of beautiful styles throughout his recent releases over the past few years. A profound voice of reason in a time on confusion, Jesse Jendah shines light on many issues with a positive vibration with his music.

Jesse Jendah - AbbasageIn his 2011 release Abbasage – Man From Iyuwn produced by Vision I Icord in Ochos Rios, Jamaica. Jesse Jendah brings modern relevant lyrics with an irie meditation to produce a very unique and powerful sound. Starting out with a saxophone-laden tune that has a calming energy, War and Misery  brings some awareness to issues and problems of today. In the second tune, 21st Century Slavery, Jesse brings light to the new forms of slavery and makes sure to blaze the furnace over this simple but nice riddim.

Black Uhuru & Fire Smoke join in on the Remix of Boom Draw, where some royal and powerful lyrics are displayed from everyone with a huge sound for all ganja man an woman throughout earth. The next tune is another giant sound, titled Rome Deh Pon Fire with Donovan Bonzana. “It ago red tonight!” with fresh and relevant lyrics this tune is a fire. Abbasage brings a spiritual vibe as Jesse sings a royal chorus putting our minds where we should be:

“I and I a Sage, an Seer, with I clairvoyance. Bun dem rage, I rule with my intuition.”

Rasta Luv
is next about a love affair, followed by Room for Me, where Jesse asks the question: “Is there room for me?”, over an upful riddim with nice horns. The remix of War and Misery comes next, which is quite opposite of the original, focused around a bassline and some subtle guitar notes instead of the early horns, it makes for a nice contrast. 

Man From Iyuwn follows this as a drum chanting session to Hail the Man from Iyuwn. Up next is Rasta Sure, a beautiful tune where Jesse Jendahproclaims his surety that good will prevail over evil. The next song, Middle East, with its catchy guitar riff, talks about the taking of the Kush land by all of the different peoples since a time long ago. The following track is about the system failing the Juvenile. This track once again has some great saxophone over the riddim, making a nice combo with Jesse Jendah‘s conscious lyrics. Coming next is Obamanomics, where King Furnace asks Obama where he got the money from over an interesting riddim. The original Boom Draw comes on next, which is a similar riddim to the Remix, with a big bassline, but is mixed differently and has some different effects and sounds but is equally big. Leonard Howell is up next with a great overall sound Jesse Jendah speaks the truth of history and asks some important questions. Burn Swag finished up this album with a boom. A royal record from Jesse Jendah, make sure to check this album and treat your ears, mind and soul. 

513qbUs5j3L._SL500_AA280_LuvRasta Sipcup from 2012 and produced in the Bronx, New York by Majestic Fire brings a different sound to Jesse Jendah‘s vibe. Kicking off with LuvRasta, Jesse declares his love for King Selassie I in a royal tune. Followed up by an herbalist anthem Sipcup is a big sound you will not want to miss. This tune brings a mighty bassline that makes you want to get up and move. Jendah talks about his ital herbs and his chalice in this tune as he sings:

“Sipping on my Sipcup, marijuana Kush mi sipping up. Chalice ah di Highest Iditation.”

Iyuwn Rap is up next, where Jendah brings a lyrical light to the world of rap. Sweet Sue featuring Teddy Selassie followed by Luva Jendah are two love tunes over some deep riddims. Next is a tune demanding Reparation from babylon. A large riddim drops, as Jesse Jendah asks the Rude Bwoy why all this crime ah gwaan. This tune brings a nice bassline with some interesting reverb to echo this message through your brain. Little Boy Jew brings a story about Rome’s system with a reggae hip-hop fusion style. Lodge Rapper finishes up the album talking about how enough of the rappers today step like a Mason in a Lodge. This album brings a big sound and keeps your ears and mind interested with captivating and relevant lyrics.

518QUUe7+VL._SL500_AA280_King Furnace, also from 2012 and produced by Jesse Jendah comes with a subtly different vibe with large sounds and a royal vibe. With a focus on the problems of today and the New World Order. This album shows the furnace burning red hot. Starting out with London Lodge City and dropping into a huge hiphop style beat Rothschild Crash Banks with a nice vibe to the beat while Jesse speaks the truth of some of the economical crisis of today. Armageddon comes next with a simple roots riddim feel about it, asking “Why does it have to be this way?”

Next up is G20, a dancehall style tune putting the fyah upon the desire for world domination. Rasta Conquer comes with a high-pitched sound, telling you that the Rasta came to conquer. The following dancehall tune is about the Jambah Ganja. An irie meditation comes next with Song of Life featuring Tashia Star. This ones a simple and familiar beat with some good male and female combinations of singing and conscious and positive lyrics. Jesse Jendah shows the rap game what’s up with hot lyrics in Game On, which is followed by Yobuma Sitolbe bigging up Mama Africa. Afuraska with Ras Isiah comes on next, with a big sound over a classic Kiddus I / Rockers riddim. Sadom Weak comes fi unveil and burn the wickedness out of the unclean livities of today. Following this is a catchy tune Sulumbumbum and finalizing the album we have Uno Dos, a dancehall tune about a spanish woman.

 Jesse Jendah - Nu IbleNu Ible – The Books of King Furnace from 2013 and produced by Iorn Chef in Appalacian Mountain, North Carolina.  This album brings a new production sound to the King Furnace’s voice with a deeply spiritual feel including large bass and keys along with a plethora of drums and interesting wind instruments. This album starts with a rather futuristic sound as Jesse drops his tune Countryman. This tune has some great lyrics focusing on the fact that “Countryman bun down politician”, Jesse Jendah brings wisdom to your ears. Perfect Humans comes on next with its interesting wind instrument sounding like a flute; this tune has a meditative vibe as Jesse sings about how what he wants is to see perfection in humanity.

The following tune, Yes Iah, overflows with Jesse‘s flow about King Selassie I, bringing in some singing on the chorus. A giant herbalist tune comes up next, Jambah Plantation talks about planting the herbs and many different varieties.   With an interesting flute like instrument again, Jesse makes sure you overstand that herb is the Rastaman’s foundation. Coming with the next tune She’s From Namibia, this one is about a girl working in Cape Town, from Namibia. A xylophone-sounding instrument and a big bassline make this tune have a profound rhythm to it, and Jesse Jendah comes to tell a story over this riddim.

The next tune, Treat I Like A King is about a love with a woman, as Jesse sings “Oh woman of this creation, treat I like a King” over some unique instruments and sounds.   Ibrotherman drops next and King Furnace asks the government about many relevant problems of today, over a simplistic beat with a deep feel to it. Rain Dancer is about a girl who loves to dance in the rain, over a nice keyboard sound with effects. 1 Tru Luv takes the flutelike instrument to a whole new level as Jesse asks: “Where is that love, that 1 Tru Luv?” The guitar combining with synthesizer and this wind instrument makes for a beautiful symphonic sound as the song continues. The album finishes up with a piece of wisdom titled Fast Food Drugstores. The world needs to hear this tune and put down the fast food because its drugs. As Jesse puts it, as he talks about these fast food additive chemicals, this fast food is “…more addictive than crack cocaine and heroine.” King Furnace brings forth extremely relevant lyrics as he comes ahead of his time enlightening the people with his ability to not only sing but to flow conscious, relevant, and awakening lyrics as well.

All four of these albums have a large sound, with a great feel and superb lyrical content and need to be listened to by any music lover. Check them out, and get a feel for Jesse Jendah aka King Furnace. Purchase on digital outlets and comment and like if you enjoy what you hear.

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This Thursday, let’s throwback the “No Money Riddim” produced by Penthouse Records

For this #ThrowbackThursday, we ain’t going too far back in time. We will stop in March 2012, when the “No Money Riddim, produced by Penthouse Records, was released. This Modern Roots compilation showcase a nice line-up of Reggae artists such as Richie Spice, Sanchez, Romain Virgo, Exco Levi and more. The catchy line of muted guitar and the warmth of the sound of the keys make this riddim sound quite catchy. Share and comment if you like it.
No Money Riddim (Penthouse) #Reggae #ThrowbackThursday #TBT
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Requested: Hot Water Riddim produced by Madd Spider, released in 2012

Check out the “Hot Water Riddim produced by Madd Spider, released in 2012 and featuring artists like Delly Ranks, Erup, Froggy Maddsquad, Sizzla, Iyara and more. The various artist Dancehall compilation is available for purchase on digital outlets like Amazon and iTunes. Comment and share if you like it.

Hot Water Riddim (Madd Spider)
Track list:

01. Baby Boom – Born As A Man
02. Bling Dawg – We Nuh Play
03. Delly Ranx – World General
04. Erup – Live My Life
05. Froggy Maddsquad – Fake Friend
06. Iyara – Dah Supm Deh – [Edit]
07. Iyara – Deh Sump Deh – [Raw]
08. Kiprich Featruing Black-Er – Walk Out
09. Knock Shizzle – Bun Dem Up
10. Liquid – Dah Wine Deh
11. Macka Diamond – Nah Fail – [Edit]
12. Macka Diamond – Nah Fail – [Raw]
13. Madd One – Share Mi
14. Sean Don – Gal You A Lead
15. Sizzla – None A Dat
16. Taranchyla – Gal Fool
17. Wayne Wonder Featuring Supriz – Ah Nuh Lie
18. Version – Hot Water Riddim [Instrumental]

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Check out the Chillax Riddim produced by Frankie Music and released on December 18th, 2012.
Chillax Riddim (Frankie Music)

Track list:

  1. Alaine – Second Chance (Love You Better)
  2. Chevaughn – Strong
  3. Delus – Let Me Love You
  4. Konshens – Love You Forever (Drunk Confession)
  5. Omari – Praises
  6. Voicemail – Give Thanks

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Uwe Banton, former member of the German Reggae band “Movements” is about to release his third solo album entitled Mental War on November 23rd, 2012. To get to know more about this artist, his musical background and his career, read the following exclusive.Uwe Banton - Mental War 

Where does your love for music come from ?

My Dad had been a music lover from ever since I can remember. He always used to listen and play a lot of music back home, in the car, etc. From Rock Music to Soul, Folk and even Reggae. And out of my brothers I seem to have this inborn passion and love for music since I was the only one who showed interest in learning how to play an instrument (guitar) at a young age. Later, at an age of 15 or so, I got introduced to Reggae Music full scale by a friend and beginning to grasp the special message of Reggae, my love for it has grown ever since.

Who is the artist who inspires you the most ?

I have to say: The King of Reggae Music ROBERT NESTA MARLEY! I get a lot of inspiration from many artists, not only in the Reggae field, but all sorts of music genres, but the one I always come back to and never get tired of listening to is Bob. The role he played and is still playing as a Reggae artist, what he sang about and what he stands for is inspiration per sé!

If you would have chosen a different career than music, what would you do now ?

Oh, I find it hard to think about what could have been if this or that, because I am who I am, I can not change who I am nor the path I have walked on from past to presence, of course, it took me a certain time to find out and define what is inside of me and even more time to bring it out and it is a constant process of working on yourself, your skills etc. to even continue growing since in life we never stop learning. But maybe you wish to know what other interest I have other than music? Well, I do like reading books that help me to get a greater understanding of the world’s history, human history, I do like photography as a hobby and when I was a youth I learned how to work in a hotel and restaurant but after I while I discontinued because my love for music grew and so did my desire to start a music career.

You used to play with the band “Movements”,  why did you decide to pursue a solo career ?

It wasn’t just my own desire, but more the way how things developed in the band. Being on the road and trying to work as a Band is not easy, even more as a Reggae Band in Europe/Germany. When you are young and you don’t have responsibilities like families to take care of etc., then it is a bit easier to bear with the inconveniences that come along with touring. But as time passes by and members becoming parents and the responsibilities grow, you realize that you have to make progress in order to be able to take care of them. After playing and touring for 10 years we just came to a point where members of the band decided that they would like to work as a backing band for other artists as well and I also made new contacts that opened new doors for me to proceed as a solo artist. So it was a decision that happened more on a mutual agreement.

Are you signed to any record label ?

No, for the release of my new album I decided to start my own label and did the release with the help and co-operation of Anthony Senior of the “AL.TA.FA.AN” label from Jamaica, and I’m getting a lot of support from the label “URBAN TREE” from Berlin, Germany who are helping me to coordinate the promotion. My two previous albums “JAH Rots” and “Rightful Place” were released by the label “MKZWO-Records” which is based in Berlin/Germany.

Which producer or artist would you like to collaborate with ?

There are many, maybe too many, so that it would be hard for me to find the space here to write, but as you can see, I am a lover of Roots Reggae and I do love the conscious Reggae Artists, we are one family, so anyone of them, as long as it is positive and uplifting, I am in for it!

You have produced  yourself some of the songs of your album such as “Ithiopian Ites”, when did you start composing ?

From the time I started to sing Reggae I have started writing my own lyrics and when I started picking up my instrument to play Reggae I also started composing. During the later period of my band “Movements” I was the main song writer and when I started out as a solo artist in 2004 I did quite a number of recordings on riddims that other people produced but I have now turned to more taking up that task of writing and composing especially for this new album “Mental WarUwe Banton - Mental War“.

Listen to “Mental War” by Uwe Banton featuring Luciano

Do you plan to go on tour for the promotion of Mental WarUwe Banton - Mental War” ?

Well, yes, we are working on dates and taking bokings for the coming season, there has not been a full tour as yet, but of course, plans are being made to tour and play live shows extensively.

Your new album is entitled Mental WarUwe Banton - Mental War, you sing about the media and political issues…can you tell us more about the meaning of this title and why you chose that name?

Well, it goes beyond that, not just about media and political issues. I see living our life especially in this modern age as a constant mental battle and since a great part of the information that we are exposed to is being carried to us via the media, it is important to find that balance to know how to distinguish between good and bad, between what’s useful and what’s not useful in order to orientate oneself. One must find and know GOD within oneself to be able to find that path. Nevertheless, as I stated above, life is a life-long learning proccess and we should not be afraid of failure but rather learn from our past mistakes and gain experience. Reading the bible and finding RASTAFARI has been a constant anchor point for me throughout my life and I am confident that it is only by knowing GOD and accepting the teachings of Christ that man can find his true destiny. “Led forward by spiritual power, man can reach the summit destined for him by the Great Creator.” RASTAFARI seh so!
Blessed Love!

Watch Uwe Banton ft. Mikey General – Work (Official music video)