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Interview of Chezidek [11/10/2017] part 6/6

Interview of Chezidek, November 10th, 2017 in Marseille, France – Part 6/6: Rub-a-Dub Kamp

Can you tell us a little about the Rub a Dub Kamp?

It was just a vibe because through me say I’m alright, me nah tour fi a 2 years, and I wanna do something that can help keep the roots of culture vibes in Jamaica. So the youths they know there is a option in the music. They can hold some vibes to mostly original Reggae, Rub-a-Dub vibes of the Rasta man. So we made that little place, we rented a place to make that. It was so nice. It was going on very well, and people were enjoying anytime they came out in numbers, and we clip some nice tunes. But eventually we lost the place.

The politicians fight us. And some family members of us fight us out, because they saw that something could happen there. They didn’t know, what is going out. Why do everybody run to the parish council, and bribe, pay a lot of money to them to take away the place from me, and leave me standing. So I just say “Okay, goodbye.” And I leave them although it is a different thing going on there. So, I decided make me do a album, and go there, and sing some songs. And then soon, I will find another venue. And me know I will do the thing again, and hold a nice vibe. Roots & culture. Rub-a-Dub style.

It was in the same yard as the movie Rockers

Yes! Cause Burning Spear really, original place that I love. That place is a original significant place in Burning Spear history, because Burning Spear established that place. Because he’s from St Ann’s Bay, and he’s leading artists from St Ann’s Bay. He had that place, and he was running the Marcus Garvey youth cave. It was is base. And the Key Largo beach, cause that beach was a longtime place where the Rasta man used to go smoke chalice. In those days, police were killing Rastas for smoking mari juana, and persecuting Rasta, Rasta used to go way out in that place, because at that time it was like a little peninsula. It didn’t have the high way there, it was way out in the sea. So when they could see the police coming, they had time to run.

So after Burning Spear establish that place as a cultural center, and now headquarters for his music, and his Marcus Garvey youth club. But it was closed for decades, and I rented from one of his agents. That’s how I got there, and rented it. So I decided I’m going to do something cultural, and positive. Rub-a-Dub Kamp, strictly Rub-a-Dub, is going to invite artist every week, every Thursday, you have Rub-a-Dub Thursday. You have a nice singer come through sing some nice music, and it’s free!

Natural organic vegan food, and juices, and nuff ganja, nuff mari juana, just irie people, nice people, and it was so sweet. And they fight me out of it. So you know, I actually stop me nuh have time fi them fi fight me. Me have a bigger fight fi fight weh. Me cyan go now fighting these people, them little petty business them.

So me just a deal with that. I will go another place, and you know restart the Rub-a-Dub kamp. And I already have the place. I buy the land. So no man can get there. [Laughs] So look out. I will have some nice cottages in the hills, overlooking the sea. Then people can come and stay, and have studio over there, and nice music, a little farm, garden over there. You can get your organic pineapples, and oranges, and make your own juice, and do your thing. And I will have some nice cottages there, and that people can stay. A nice Reggae music, and shuttle to go to the beach, and it will be nice! When me done with that, a boom! [Laughs] Rub-a-Dub Kamp tun up!

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