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Interview of Chezidek [11/10/2017] part 1/6

Interview of Chezidek, November 10th, 2017 in Marseille, France – Part 1/6: Early life

Did you expect so much people tonight?

I expected more. I thought the place would be bigger, because it’s been two years Chezidek come out but so you know. And, it was so. But I respect it and appreciate it. It was very good. You know Marseille is Nice.

When did you star touring in Europe this season?

I started on the 2nd of November, coronation day, in Slovenia, Libljana. It’s very nice. It was a great show. And then, after the next day we went to Linz, Austria, with Fireman Crew Band. Nice show, sweet! And then, the next day I go to Telfs, Austria. And then, I come to France after. I did a little show last night in a little town called Gap. In the mountain. Took the train there from Marseille, 3 hours on the train. Sleep. [Laughs] It was a great joy. Marseille is the best show so far, I think. It was sold out.


How was it grow up in St Ann?

It was irie living man. Simple people of family. Simple people living off the earth, planting vegetables, and food. My mother sell it in the market. And my father he plants sometimes. Simple living by the coast of St Ann’s bay in Jamaica. I went to school, learned something. Sing song and those things, you know. It was irie. Irie vibes. Jamaican style. Normal living. Poor people.

Do you still live there?

Yeah man. Me still inna here. Chezidek’s base there you know.

What do you like the most about this place? 

Waterfront, St Ann, Jamaica

Me like it because it’s by the Caribbean Sea. In the morning I can go, and jog on the beach. Long beach. Just walk to the beach. And I’m still on a hill overlooking the sea, into green. You can see all the view. Nice. And nuff rivers, and spring mineral water, and very natural place. I grew up there, and I still love the place. It’s a nice place to go, and chill out, and meditate. And you know, it’s really tranquil you know. (It’s a) special place. Seville Heights, St Ann. It’s on the outskirts of St Ann’s bay town. St Ann, Jamaica you know. My little town. That’s where I went to school, and grew up you know. I still live there.

You will never leave… 

No, me never to lef what I have. I know that simple man that’s up inna hill, sometimes I plant them farm up in the hills, and just do a little thing. Simple living, same way. Rasta man style you know. [Laughs]

Why did you become a Rastafarian and change your name to Chezidek?

Oh Chezidek a just some bredren call me that. Like some friends, some elder friends. Some big guys. They sit in their house, and their veranda, and see me passing by with my cap. Serious. And them say “Yow! Melchizedek you fi name!” [Laughs] Every time this guy see me, he always say that. “Yow! You fi name Melchizedek!” It’s like he’s got a message, you know so.

When I was starting searching, and researching, and viewing, and reviewing, and looking into myself, and looking out of myself, and looking into life, and realizing you know a way that I can live by that will be balanced with the powers of creation, human being, mankind, and the animals, and the plants. I can be balanced with them, and be in harmony with them. That way is Rastafari way. So I like that road. So yes, I said this is me. Instantly I identified as a Rasta man.

So, I am thinking Melchizedek. I researched that name. And it is in the Bible. It’s an ancient Hebrew character. He was the Most High priest. King of Salem. You know Salem is peace. Salem. King of righteousness. I said to myself, maybe that name is too much for me to take Melchizedek. Maybe I should just say Chezidek then. [Laughs]

Some people call me Papa Chezi. And I have a new name coming. Chezi Berry. They call me Chezi Berry because of my strain of ganja. Cause I’m a mari juana planter. Natural organic pure good herb. My brand of ganja is Chezi Berry. Nice fruit taste. Me a use up that name. Me a have new label, and the new label is Chezi Berry.

And I will have album coming next year. Not soon but the next album that’s the title track “Chezi Berry.” Nuff ganja tunes, and you know some different flavors of music. But for the moment it’s “Irie Day” album.

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