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Interview of Chezidek [11/10/2017] part 5/6

Interview of Chezidek, November 10th, 2017 in Marseille, France – Part 5/6: Politics

What do you think of politics in Jamaica?

Politicians in Jamaica are thieves, and pirates, and murderers, and gangsters. Jamaican politicians, they are murderers, and killers, thieves, gangsters, scammers. They are not leaders. Some of them came into politics with a good intention. But as soon as they become a part of the club, they have to be like the others, or else they too maybe killed, or something, or poisoned, or imprisoned wrongfully.

“The first ruler of Jamaica was a murdere, a thief, and a pirate”

But from it is from long long long longtime ago, from when the slave masters they used to rule Jamaica. The first ruler of Jamaica was a murderer, a thief, and a pirate. Henry Morgan! And there was a city in Jamaica that was the richest city in the world, and the most wicked city in the world! Can you imagine? Port Royal.You ever heard of that place? You know what happened? It sank under. A earthquake came, and it sank under the sea. Yes, it is their history, you can go. A piece of it is left, is like tourist attraction. That was the city, Port Royal. It sink under the sea. It was the richest city in the world at a point, because of the pirates, and buccaneers.

The English pirates, buccaneers were there with the English government. The English monarchy set up to rob the Spanish ships who were passing, and all the other ships who were passing. They made a big bounty out of it. And they get so rich, they building London, all these big town, but Port Royal was their place. The pirate Henry Morgan was the first governor of Jamaica.

The people have that mentality because they were ruled for hundreds of years by these people. And these were the ways of the rulers, and they were forced to be like them. It will take hundreds of years for them to change. But there are always good people. These people also have very good ways, cause they’re naturally born as good people. It is just the system they grew up inna.

But the politicians them know they have, they inherit the ways of the colonial masters. They have to be pleasing to their eyes. The things that they do, they have to persecute us. Because you Jamaica was from a longtime a slavery country. Jamaica. And after slavery, the slaves didn’t receive nothing. The slave masters were compensated. And the slaves were left to eat whatever they can find off the land. So, they were rebellious sometimes. Because people, if you push anything… Even get a cat or a dog, try to abuse it, it’ll fight back! So that was what happened. So the people still have that natural spirit that they were created with.

“They made mari juana illegal to fight against Rasta…”

You know, but the politicians, they are the problem in Jamaica. They crucify the Rasta man for no reason. They kill the Rasta man, they trim him, they beat him in Coral Gardens, in 1963, in Back-O-Wall, and all those places. That is why they made mari juana illegal, to fight against the Rasta man, is not nothing else. Cause see now they decriminalize it, because politicians get a deal that they can make some big money.

You no see that these people they are gangsters. They importing a lot of guns, they give it to the youths to fight against themselves. Divide them and rule them. And then when they become the rulers, the same youths they kill them. The crime in Jamaica is so much out of hand because the government they are responsible. They arm the youths to gain political power. And then now they try to say the youths are scammers, and all kind of things. And they try to come up with a lot of things because they are trying to make it look like is not them. Like when they a do something wrong and a say “A no me!” [Laughs] “You know is them!” [Lauhgs]

They had the chance to make a change. Because we went through, black people, and people who were colonized by the European government, like England, and France, and Spain, and people who were enslaved, after they became free, the governments changed after a period of time. And some of them became independent, some of us fought for it, some of us get it naturally. But the people who took over from the colonial masters, they didn’t do anything better.

“They rule by these things to drive fear in, divide, rule, intimidate, and discriminate innocent…”

The people who were enslaved, they are suffering. They are crying out for reparation and those things because they are left on their own, with nothing, to make something out of nothing. So these countries are ridden with crime because people want to live. People look on the TV, and they see in America people live in with so much luxurious life styles, and having so much food, and money, and clothing, and rae. All the youths want to be like them. Where will they get the money to buy these things? So they say “Let’s kill each other, [Laughs] and get some, cause they we these guns that the politicians give us. Murder people!” So is them, and them know what to do to change the thing but through they rule by these things to drive fear in, divide, rule, intimidate, and discriminate innocent.

That is why the music change too, because they fight against the Rasta man who is the one who carry the original authentic indigenous spirit of the people, and the music, and the culture, you know. The Rasta man is the more cultural side of the people weh a deh you can look too as reference, and as a memory to their roots, to say “oh we could be like this, we can live and eat naturally. We can love each other, sing songs of redemption, party without killing each other or showing off at each other. We can show love.

So the Rasta man is there to show love. Politicians, on the other hand, is the opposite. They are the devils. All over the world, is not just Jamaica alone, because they don’t know what the people want. They have a agenda of some secret society, I don’t know. Cause if you ever look in America, and see what is going on, every day police killing out people, and all these things. And nobody can stop it. Is like they are working for another government that we don’t know about, some secret society so.

You know, people lives are not respected anymore, nowhere in the world. But in some places, it is a little bit better, like in Europe. I realize the living is more, you know, better. Living standard. People have more respect for each other. But in third world countries, and it is these governments in these places like Europe, and America, they are the ones who set the standard for the third world countries to live by. So, they are also responsible too, because they can make instant changes if they want in the way how people live. But I guess they have to keep some in confusion, and poverty, and war, in order for them to be gods. So you know a just life. “You can fool some people some day, you can’t fool all the people all the time,” Bob Marley done say that.

“The people of the earth will have to learn or else we will all perish…”

Rasta man is the man weh deh ya all the time for everyone. Is not a religion. We deh ya for Muslim, Christian, Jew, whatever. Rasta man love is there for everyone, so. Is not like Rasta is a religion. Rasta man just come with some togetherness and Jah. “One love!” the Rasta man say. Let’s get together, and unite, and live in love, and show love. One for all, all for one. We’re all one human family. We will have to love to learn each other. The people of the earth will have to learn or else we will all perish, if we don’t learn to love, and respect each other. It will happen.

Because good is over evil. Is just stages and phases. People have to evolve, and learn that if you don’t respect each other we all will go, because we are not the only thing in this earth. We are not the only beings in this world. There are all kinds of animals, plants. Human being can die out and these things, horses, and cows, and sheep, can keep run the earth, and live, because they didn’t need us. Is man domesticate them, and try bring them inna fi them world.

The animals were living in their own reign by themselves. They don’t need us. Animals don’t need we. We abuse them, and capture them, and put them in zoo, and you know, exploit them. So man kind is not the most important thing in earth. We are most important to us as human being. Nuff a that things a gwaan inna earth that we don’t even understand. The wind blows by, and you never see it. You don’t know what, you only feel it. You know so, nuff things a gwaan.

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