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Listen to the Vision Riddim by Live MB Music

Don’t sleep on the Vision Riddim by Live MB Music.  A really nice riddim with an excellent set of artists including: Capleton, Sizzla, Jah Mason, Teflon, Fantan Mojah, and more. A truly uplifting and positive message comes on this riddim, particularly in tunes like Capleton’s Where There Is Love and Jah Mason’s Where’s The Faith?  This riddim is a lyrical fyah over a powerful production.  Reggae to every ear and in every mind plant the seed of love.  Never stoop to babylon no day no time, dash weh the corruption from your mind.  Blessed sabbath pon the 13th day, Keep up the vibes, more love an life.

Vision Riddim


  • Capleton – Where There Is Love
  • Dotta Coppa – Love Like This
  • Fantan Mojah – Nah Vote Again
  • Jah Mason – Where’s the Faith?
  • Khago – Racist
  • Sizzla – Yes You Can
  • Stein – Can’t Hold Me Down
  • Teflon – Strong
  • Terry Ganzie Ft. Action K – When Are You Coming Home
  • Unstoppable Fyah – I Am Bless
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Dexta Malawi releases the Malawian Journeys Vol 1.0

Some royal new tunes coming from Dexta Malawi on his new EP.  The Malawian Journeys Vol. 1.0 brings a new flavor to conscious reggae music.  Transcending multiple genres and keeping an upful and positive message, Dexta brings some big vibes on this EP.  As he starts out the EP with the tune Hot, Hot, Hot, talking about the sun in the heat of the day.  An upful but simple riddim, this tune may make you wanna dance.  An instant classic drops next, Woke Up This Morning, produced by Kabaka Pyramid, this tune brings a banging riddim with lyrical potency.  Make sure to check the video to this tune as well if you haven’t.  This tune emphasizes the beauty of nature, and being thankful and glad for this precious thing we have called life.  Big rhymes and lyrics all throughout the tune:

“While I aspire to inspire, I catch the fire – you can smell my desire, to govern my own mental empire…”

Following this, Dexta Malawi just Lef Dem in Awe as he put up the real lion paw.  An interesting riddim and once again Dexta delivers the lyrics hot.

Yaad Man Skank drops next, followed by a big tune off the Lion Inna Den Riddim, titled World Is In Trouble.  This is an awakening tune, trying to remind the people that the World Is In Trouble whether we like it or not, we have to work together to love and improve our situation.

“The condition is critical.  The political system hypocritical… They thought this was the final stage, but it was the initial – Ras Tafai is the natural Official, Babylon system artificial…”

The next tune, Mi an Mi Empress is a royal song about Dexta and his empress holding a meditation.  Now its time to Put On Ya Turban, an interesting beat where Dexta reminds you to check your Bible – the Ethiopian Version.  The Malawian Journeys is a spoken word tune.  Wrapping up the EP, the Woke Up This Morning Dub and he also includes an Acknowledgements and a Biography tune to big up the people who supported the movements and give you some info about Dexta Malawi, who is an Environmental Engineer from Jamaica.

You can browse Dexta Malawi‘s Website at the link below, and pick up your copy of the EP on CD Baby or other digital outlets.  Make sure to check this EP it has a unique feel and vibe debuting Dexta Malawi‘s works, which we’re sure to see much more of in the future.  Comment and share if you like what you hear.

The Malawian Journeys 1.0 EP Digital Cover


  1. Hot, Hot, Hot
  2. Woke Up This Morning
  3. Lef Dem In Awe
  4. Yaad Man Skank
  5. World Is In Trouble
  6. Mi and Mi Empress
  7. Put On Ya Turban
  8. The Malawian Journeys
  9. Woke Up Dub
  10. EP Acknowledgements
  11. Biography by Nya Nairobi
CD Baby Dexta Malawi’s Website iTunes

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The International Riddim by Real Links Production

Check out the International Riddim by Real Links Production.  With artists: Capleton, Lutan Fyah, Turbulence, Busy Signal, DYCR, Exco Levi, Nesbeth, and more.  A nice roots riddim bringing in the autumn season.  Its always great to hear all of these artists on a good riddim, especially Capleton and Lutan Fyah‘s tunes. Big up this vibe an tun up the speakers.  More fyah, more life, an more love.



  1. Busy Signal – Lonely
  2. Capleton – Stepping
  3. Lutan Fyah – No Good Fi You
  4. Gott Yo – Things Hard
  5. Exco Levi – Mama Prayer
  6. Kananga – Negusa Nagast
  7. Turbulence – We Belong
  8. Hezron – I’m Coming Home
  9. Natural Black – Insane
  10. Trapykal One – Free The Chain
  11. Dycr – Rose
  12. I Zebulun – Vitermize
  13. Nesbeth – I Nah
  14. Real Links Productions – The International Riddim Instrumental
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Listen to Spiritual’s new single “Stand Up To Rasta” produced by Oufah Media


Kingston, Jamaica, September 30, 2014 – Oufah Media & Productions

Embrace your faith and claim your love to the Most High. ‘Spiritual’ gives us with this beautiful “Stand Up To Rasta”, a pure message of love and introspection. As roots music is in an amazing revival, full with consciousness, we joyfully follow him through the melody and lyrics.

“Stand Up To Rasta” is the journey of a man, from the moment he is born again, embracing his faith facing the highness of the Lord, being now his child and meditating on his words. Rasta Livity.

For Further information or to schedule interviews contact:

Errol Smith

  • Director of Publicity / Promotions
  • Oufah Media & Productions
  • Email: esmith@oufahmusic.com

Social Media Links:

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Stainless Music brings forth the Mellow Moods Riddim

Stainless Music drops the Mellow Moods Riddim – with a fire tune from Sizzla Kalonji not to be slept on. As you could expect from a riddim titled “Mellow Moods”, it is quite laid-back and mellow with a noticeable soulful and spiritual vibe. Check it out and let us know how you feel.

mellow moods riddim image


  1. Jah Vinci – Something About Ur Lover
  2. Sizzla – Jah Jah Children
  3. Kimanda – You Got Me
  4. DJ Karim – Instrumental

It is available for purchase on digital outlets. Support the producers and the artists, buy Mellow Moods Riddim now on Amazon.
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