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Throwing Back the Liberation Riddim aka Morgan Heritage Family and Friends Vol. 1

Throwing back Morgan Heritage Family and Friends Volume 1 aka The Liberation Riddim, a timeless riddim overflowing with great tunes.   You can’t go wrong with this riddim, full of fyah in lyrics and production of an all time classic.   Great horns and drums, and a catchy bassline make this riddim’s vibes superb.  With Capleton, Jah Cure, Bushman, Ras Shiloh, Pinchers, Jah Mali, Military Man, and of course Morgan Heritage and many more great artists, there’s nuff said about this riddim – go check it out if its not a favorite in your collection already.



  1. Capleton – Jah Jah City
  2. LMS – Never
  3. Stevie Culture – No More
  4. Jah Cure – Love Is The Solution
  5. Ras Shiloh – Unto Zion
  6. Denroy Morgan – Link Up
  7. Toots Hibbert & Morgan Heritage – Fellowship
  8. Pinchers _ Say Jah
  9. Jahmali – Naturality
  10. Military Man – Give Thanks
  11. Jackwell Miyah – Ethiopian Prayer
  12. Don Marshall – Greetings
  13. Adigun Minkaha – A True Mi Black
  14. Prince Theo – Can’t Forget The Times
  15. Bushman – Truly Great
  16. Mikal Asher – Chant
  17. Moses I - Natural Beauty
  18. Morgan Heritage – Liberation
  19. Various Artists – Mount Zion Medley
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Perfect Giddimani drops new music video Straight To Mi Heart.

Perfect Giddimani releases his new music video Straight To Mi Heart. This is off the Soulful Spirit Riddim by West Finga & Jericho on Irie Ites Records and is off the upcoming album Reggae Farm Work set to be released in the end of 2014.  This is an exciting happy farm style tune sure to motivate you with big lyrics.  Check it out - Straight To Mi Heart! 

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Throwing back the Campo Riddim for ThrowBack Thursday

A classic riddim from 10 years ago.  The Campo Riddim, produced by Andreas ‘Brotherman’ Christopherson for Minor7Flat5 brings forth a nice assortment of artists over an interesting riddim.  This riddim boasts the tune Clearance by Lutan Fyah, where he comes to “slu di dragon” with his bare hands.  It also includes a few other tunes with some good lyrics by Luciano, Mikey General, Turbulence, and Spectacular. Give it a listen and tell us what you think.


  1. Luciano – Babylon Go Down
  2. Lutan Fyah- Clearance
  3. Mikey General – Bad Boy Natty
  4. Spectacular – So Long
  5. Turbulence – Facts




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EDB Clan Drops Hot Single: Push On Through

Push on Through

A brand new release which rises roots reggae to new heights, Push On Through by the EDB Clan is a royal an uplifting tune that is out this summer.  Push On Through  was made as a special for Germany’s Riddim Magazine’s first issue focused specifically on Jamaica, and for two of their writers, Ellen Koelings and Pete Lily.  This tune is livicated to people who love great music and need something special to encourage them and help them endure the hardships from day to day as we Push On Through.

This tune was produced by Micah Abrahams and was recorded at EDB Entertainment on a riddim by Matthias Reulecke. This song pushes through with so many great artists from the EDB Clan as listed:  Micah Shemaiah, Scratch, Infinite, Exile di Brave, Jakime, Kazam Davis, Rassi Hardknocks, & TJ.  Each and every one of these artists makes a unique and lively contribution to the song, giving it a real joyful feel while the Melodica breezes over the tune leaving your mind and senses in a serene state of calmness.  I could quote most of this tune as it is so inspiring, but make sure to check the tune and pay attention to these great lyrics as this is an amazing tune.  I leave you with a quote that Micah had to say about the song:

This is in special livication to Riddim Magazine outta Germany..and all the ones who continue to give their lives and energy to the fight for truths and rights.

An astounding vibe to help anyone overcome their troubles in life, this is an instant classic.  Big ups to all these artists, Micah as producer, Matthias Reulecke for the riddim, and EDB Entertainment for putting forward the effort and creating such great music like this.  Keep the vibes upful and check out this track!  Stay tuned for more from the EDB Clan.  Comment and Share if you like it!


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King Mas releases music video for his 2014 single, Reflection

King Mas - Reflection

King Mas brings forth the Official Video for his single titled Reflection, out on Royal Order Music since earlier this year (found here).  The tune is a profound lyrical statement with an important message for the people of today and tomorrow.

The music video is filmed and directed by Joe Canon, edited by Pelpa Philms, produced by Jah Yzer, Maxwell Smart, & King I-Vier.  King Mas brings a variety of powerful and motivating lyrics which run parallel to my energy.  You really feel his intent to heal the world through music with lyrics like:

We are in control of our destiny, and to uplift this nation it will take the best in me”

Check the video and the ever-meaningful chorus of Reflection:

Take a moment for reflection, do you really know your enemy? Take a look inna di mirror, tell me do you like what you see?  Why do you still cling to chains of bondage?  Open your third eye, set your spirit free.  Before you point a finger pon di next man, you better be the change you want to see!

These lyrics, and good actions that follow, are the change we need to hear and see in the world.  King Mas brings the wisdom to the people as we know that many people are complaining in today’s world but never take the time to do what is right and set an example, work hard at what they feel is true and be the change they want to see as King Mas tells us in this tune.  If we want to see a different tomorrow it all starts with us, right here, today.  Bless up King Mas and check out the new video.  Comment and share if you like it, I tell yuh!