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Grillaras Productions brings Jah Vinci’s new studio album, Ghetto Born

Jah Vinci’s 2014 release is nothing short of diverse, confident, and energetic.  With a little something for everyone this album glistens in a unique fashion.  Give it a listen and give some props to Grillaras Productions on this one.  This album showcases Jah Vinci’s profound voice and singing over some big dancehall tunes and featuring songs with Beenie Man and Junior Reid.  This album has a certain depth to it that is nice to see in the dancehall world.  With an uplifting voice and educational lyrics, you won’t be likely to forget the catchy name Jah Vinci.  

The album starts off with an acoustic jam titled with the album, Ghetto Born.  This album focuses on struggles of the ghetto and poverty and this tune starts calmly there.  The second tune Call on Jah is a big tune with an emphasis on the drum kit and a piano melody.  Jah Vinci sings about how he faces the struggle and still Call on Jah.  An uplifting and head nodding tune from the get go – its not a style we hear often.  A big dancehall tune up next, We Nuh Trust Dem.  This one brings up the issue of trust as Jah Vinci sings some unique verses in this short tune.  Beenie Man joins in on Don of All Dons – a club dancehall tune.  Next up, comes one of the biggest tunes on the album – Jah A Guide We.  With its big drums and acoustic strumming over a dancehall riddim – this tune is sure to catch your attention if not your love.  Jah Vinci comes through with some real powerful lyrics on this tune, along with his unique singing sound over some great production.  Holding a vibes from that last tune – the guitar and drums once control the next tune as it comes in with a real natural feel, the tune Darling has a nice feel as it drops into this natural feel.  It changes and becomes rather synthetic toward the end but it doesn’t damage Jah Vinci’s lyrics and voice.

Stronger is a love song reminiscent of some 1990’s or early 2000’s Hip-Hop or R&B tune.  Penitentiary  is on next, featuring Junior Reid, this tune has an interesting sound, but the combo of Jah Vinci and Junior Reid’s voices and lyrics about the penitentiary make the tune.  We Taking Over drops next, with an interesting beat – not quite dancehall or hiphop, but somewhere in between.  The verses and flow on this one are exquisite as Jah Vinci sings the chorus:

“Gideon Warrior taking over.  Me ah tell the youths dem fi love Jah.”

Jah Throne is up next.  Riding on the bassline, Jah Vinci wails about the King’s throne in this tune.  Next up is Rude Boys & Police - a tune about how the police and the bad man run the streets.  This tune brings up some of the problems that we see today in the streets that need to be addressed.  Another favorite up next, The Conquering Lion brings forth a unique blend of drum and bass, guitar, sound effects, and of course Jah Vinci’s singing and verses in this one are superb.  The album wraps up with New Endings, a calm tune with some interesting instruments Jah Vinci sings about mortality in this tune, reminding us that tomorrow is not a promise.

Lift up your vibes and check out Ghetto Born by Jah Vinci from Grillaras Productions.  Let us know how your ears feel about this one.  Comment and share if you’re feeling these sounds.





  1. Ghetto Born
  2. Call on Jah
  3. We Nuh Trust Dem
  4. Don of All Dons (Ft. Beenie Man)
  5. Jah A Guide We
  6. Darling
  7. Sronger
  8. Penitentiary (Fr. Junior Reid)
  9. We Taking Over
  10. Jah Throne
  11. Rude Boys & Police
  12. The Conquering LIon
  13. New Endings

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Imperial Crown Riddim from Maximum Sound

Maximum Sound releases the Imperial Crown Riddim.  A nice variety of artists, including Luciano, Addis Pablo, Jesse Royal, Exco Levi, Chezidek, and Dre Island. Check it out and please let us know what you think.

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  1. Luciano – Spread Your Bed Hard
  2. Exco Levi – What Is The Use
  3. Dre Island – Let Jah Love Shine Down
  4. Jesse Royal – Raising Your Voices for Freedom
  5. Chezidek – Bless My Life
  6. Addis Pablo – Imperial Melody
  7. The Maximum Sound Crew – Imperial Crown Dub
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Check Iba Mahr’s new track Glory of the King from Royal Order Music

Just in time for the King’s Earthstrong tomorrow, Royal Order Music releases Iba Mahr’s new reggae single titled Glory of the King.  With some nice drums and guitar and a catchy melody Iba comes to speak the truth and bring the vibes on this track.  The chorus resonates:

“InI presenting, I love and joy. I Glory of the King we representing.”

Check out David Rodigan’s premiere of the tune, and pick your copy up today on digital outlets. Like and share if you like it.



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Unisyz Muzik presents the OnTour Riddim a refreshing riddim with big tunes from artists like Junior Reid, Vyza, and Kirk Davis.  Check it out and let us know what you think.



  1. Errol Organs – Still Gonna Do My Thing
  2. Hugh English – Nah Show No Love
  3. Junior Reid – Victory
  4. Kirk Davis – Reap What U Never Sow
  5. Merchant – Burn A Fire
  6. Sista Cassie – Woman War
  7. Sprugy B – Come Over To My Place
  8. Tony Cee – Money
  9. Vyza – People Dem A Feel Pain
  10. Ziggy Soul – Big Break (Ft. O’neil Anthony & Fire Legend)
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