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When your’e coming from a heritage that stamps greatness within a culture you have no choice but to lift your game, standards and work ethic. Let me break it down. Red Square which was put on the map by one of Reggae & Dancehall’s icon “Spragga Benz” is now also home to Bittah SoSicka. So let me explain fully. Assasin, Tanya Stephens and yes I can go on and on. Spragga, Bumpy and the crew saw something in Bittah that not many people saw early.

Now an official member Bittah Sosicka has been popping up on the local and on the international circuit. He has been in the lab according to him working on some new flows and formula that will bring a different side to his arsenal of music. Bittah is learning to pay attention to the details. He reminded us that just like the greats that’s just as important as voicing. His latest single out now “PUNJI” is one that he sees as a song that can be a possible break out single.

“Jump spread out and whine yuh body are some lines in “Punji” and it takes the listener on a past to present musical journey. If you’re a  dancehall lover you will have recollections of the 80s’ sound 90s’ vibe and definitely a 2020 delivery. This is what the greats saw in Bittah and clearly sending signals and signs that he was worth the wait.

Bittah Sosicka isn’t afraid to show that not only is he a student of dancehall but also an underground teacher of the genre.
A proud member of Red Square (which shows why he can take from past and implement in the present) Productions, Bittah has the legacy rights to brag  on just how sick his medicinal flow is. Be prepared to to see his growth and feel his execution. Go support the movement and drive and also look out for the new Red Square EP that is rumored to be on its way.

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