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Born A Winner – New Sound New Music Wesrok

Country and Western music has a distinct sound that is unmistakable. When you listen to the genre and the song structure Country and Western is easy and soothing to the ears.The listener finds it easy to resonate as the lyrics and melodies are normally simple and memorable and stirs up emotions of the heart.

When it comes to being a Country and Western star it is key that the Artist can display certain characteristics that fit into a specific story line. Add US Based country and western sounds with a Jamaican Reggae momentum you get a brand-new genre called Country- Reggae that will take your sonics to a higher heights musically. No not your everyday sound, but isn’t that what makes it art. Isn’t that what always drives brand Jamaica and the individuals that come from the islands.

Singer Wesrok is as creative and innovative as a singer can be. He has a brand new single out called “Born as a Winner” which can be heard on his debut EP. This set to drop on April 23rd. It carries tracks like “Poor Country Boy”, “Left Out In The Dark” and “Looking Back”. It’s seems to be an eclectic piece of art.

Jamaicans have an embedded love with Country Music and have always celebrated Musical giants like Kenny Rogers, Garth Brooks, and Dolly Parton just to name a few. The resonance felt with the storytelling has always been impactful to the Jamaican audience so it is a no brainer that what Wesrok is bringing to the musical table will be successful.

“Wesrok has now created his own storytelling lane with a feel-good, rags to riches, a positive song with “Born as a winner”. Intertwined with the reggae one drop and the Country and Western pattern of singing, Wesroks’ unique sound and visuals from the video which is making its rounds on all platforms depict where the Artiste came from and where he is now, regardless of all the trials and tribulations attached. He is a winner and through his brand-new sound, soon the world will know his name.

We encourage all acts that have something new and positive to continue growing and going. We applaud the 360 Global Entertainment company which signed Wesrok and is helping to see out his vision and his dreams.

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