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Princess Saje 7 Years

Princess Saje speaks from the heart. This has been an interesting year. One that has allowed us to look within and still have no choice but to look at the world we live in. The quality of music as also reflected the state of the world and us as citizens of earth. Princess Saje also took time out to hone, reflect and pen these lyrics from her heart. It has reflected in the passion clearly exposed to the world breakdowns of daily communication and love. Princess Saje is a songstress out of Jamaica who has somewhat recreated a lost art form in the style of Roots Rock Reggae. Now let me make this clear. It never really went anywhere we just have been losing the greats of that signature sound.  She has gone back while still staying in the present and delivered a piece of art worth appreciating. The way she uses Jamaican dialect with Reggae vibes with a fusion of R&B is very reminiscent of sounds of the eighties and nineties.
Her new single “7 Years” does exactly what most artist aspire to do, which is make it hit a nerve. Her words and her sonic to painted this vivid picture of a relationship gone wrong. One where here love is taken for granted used and abused. We can say that if this is her first single from her rumored body of work due to come out in 2021. Still in the rumor mill but if its true we will be looking for a lot from this songstress.
The production was well thought out and as said her delivery was up to par. Her penmanship stands out as she uses a daily topic and brings awareness to the world. We are looking to see and hear more from this young star. Her management and production team seems to think they have found the winning formula for themselves and the artist they have been honing for the past few years.
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