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Sting 2K15 countdown has begun

sting 2k15

Most anticipated Reggae Dancehall event, Sting 2k15, soon come

Sting 2k15 countdown has begun and the organizers of the most anticipated Reggae/Dancehall event of the year, Supreme Promotions, have planned restructuring.According to press release, this year’s edition, “From Then Til Now”, should “mark a revolution” for Sting.The one-night festival will be focused on “honoring the major contributors to Jamaica’s music industry’s longest-running entertainment event.”“It’s not we alone who do this, so we want to take some time to highlight the ones that help us make Sting what it is today,” said Sting creative director Dimario McDowell.Instead of full sets, performers will only deliver hit records.“We have to create a way to facilitate a large magnitude of artistes – constricted to the same time period, from dusk to dawn – where everybody gets to see who they want and hear what they want, the big tunes,” Sting founder and CEO Isaiah Laing added.A mega midnight attraction starring two of dancehall’s most popular artists of the year will be held.“Every year, we try to book them, and they always have shows in other parts of the world. They are in high demand ’cause they already cross over into the international market. We reach out to them from early, and they are excited to return,” said Sting conceptualizer Junior ‘Heavy-D’ Fraser.In a few weeks, top performers of the Sting 2k15 line-up will be announced in a press conference. 

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