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We’re Groovin

Jahriffe is at it again. Well its a solid way of saying the artists is being an artisan and doing what he loves. Which is creating. Whether its in the studio, on the stage, in the kitchen, in the lawn. Jahriffe is full artist that is and will dropping one more body of work before the year is done.
The Jamaican Reggae star is more of healer and a chanter than a Reggae artist and he continues to deliver his messages of righteousness whether its on a Afro Beat instrumental or Congo Drums. Acoustic or full band. He continues to push boundaries with his eclectic sound and diverse frequency.

Let’s talk a bit about “We’re Groovin”. Its a single that is so reminiscent to Motown or Third World Reggae Band. The music is soothing and so is his voice. The sequencing and production is at a high level and so are the words which speaks of humanity and more.

With the release of his latest project we would love to turn your attention to. “Good Time”.  The follow up to “Liberty” & “We’re Groovin”. Jahriffe has been curating these singles to show and display that there is something there for the like minded people. He quoted by saying “Spirituality comes in all colours, races, denominations” but we all want one thing. A balance life for everyone.


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