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Afro D – First Step (Reggae EP)

Written by Emin Bayramov for Jamworld876

Today on the operating table of Jamworld876 we have an album titled “The First Step” crafted by Russia-based Reggae artist going under stage-name Afro D, recorded by Timur Goldman and mixed by Yuri Markov. To appease the ears of inquisitive listeners, he tapped it with 10 tracks to temper at.

The album preludes by the song called “The Way of Righteousness.” Produced by Rebel Steppa, this song depicts our everyday struggle and the way we can bring the message fi di people of di earth. Afro D’s delivery is smooth as silk and soulful as a bowl full of ital stew.

The second track titled “HG” that features Mark Wonder and produced by Maasto Records, offers up a story that really draws you with dynamic lyrics and delivery. …we rolling, we smoking and we joking a lot… inna di air, an honest ode to Mari Juana.

It’s followed up by “Cosmic Reggae”, accompanied by Nastya Sunshine’s vocals and produced by Artem Zuev. I tried to find love, I walked like a blind. It is a cute song with a romantic touch to it, accompanied by thoughtful acoustic guitar.

“Brain Reload” that features Daniel Man and produced by Nice-Up Production is a song that draws on canvas of everyday life and though it is a ‘hard’ song, speaking on things such as racism, inequality, discrimination and such, it does have a light vibes around it which keeps the tune from ultimately getting too gloomy as it retains some very hopeful feelings for better as well.

“I Saw You Dancing” produced by Ddro is definitely a stand-out for me. Not only because it strikes my nostalgic heart by covering one of my favorite tunes of 90s, but also because Afro D managed to resurrect it while still preserving the uplifting and dance-arousing spirit of the song.

“Digital Spliff” produced by Dub Unit is a song that fires on all cylinders. Bam Bam Bam! Vocal approach is seasoned with wisdom and the musical backbone is stripped down nicely; a live feel to it mixed with analog and digital synths reminding sounds of second-generation video game alongside solid writing and arrangement.

Up next is “Late in the Night” produced by Reggie Stax is a ‘tour de force’ reminding future generations to be wise. A heavy and deep riddim makes this a winner. “Kindness” featuring Jahsenda and produced by Ddro is a motivation-ridden song as rough as it gets. A gritty and real message for people to hear and dig into.

“Show Yuh Paradise” produced by Ddro is embellished with uplifting lyrics and mellow harmonies. This song pleads for the necessity of staying positive and showing love to each other.

The closing track of the album called “Dejavu” really caught me off-guard. Coming from Moscow, Russia myself, I was pleasantly surprised once I heard that the track is sung in my mother tongue. It is spiced up by Nastya Sunshine’s gracious vocals and produced by Ddro.

Very nice and kind song, the one you would listen to on Sunday nights while sitting solo with a spliff and nostalgically reflecting on the past moments of your life.

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Listen to “The First Step” on Soundcloud

All the songs of Afro D’s album are available for free on soundcloud.

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