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Assassin – The Theory of Reggaetivity (Album Review)

Assassin - The Theory of Reggaetivity (Album Review)

Agent Sasco delivers a deep and socially-aware debut album titled “The Theory of Reggaetivity”

Agent Sasco also known as Assassin is a Reggae Dancehall deejay who has proven his versatility in the music industry. The artist has collaborated with internationally acclaimed rappers such as Kanye West. He also teamed up with young Hip Hop sensation Kendrick Lamar on the controversial social commentary « The Blacker The Berry », featured on the rapper’s latest album « How to Pimp a Butterfly ».

An outstanding album

In February, Sasco released his debut album « The Theory of Reggaetivity », concurrently with Sizzla’s umpteenth album « 876 ». It is an incomparable record showcasing outstanding productions and admirable songs.


The record holds a lot of positive energy. On the first tracks of the album, « Theory of Reggaetivity » and « Reggae Origin », Agent Sasco reveals the essence of Reggae music: “positivity”. Then, as he develops his theory that revolves around positivity, he questions the origin of Reggae music. He depicts an imaginary scenario of how Reggae music was born, before it became a global phenomenon and the trademark of Jamaica.

… And positivity

Still on a positive note, in the track « Health and Wealth », he draws our attention to the value of life. He explains that materialistic wealth is not his primary goal. He places health and well-being before money. This philosophy merges perfectly with the idea he discusses in the track « No Slave », in collaboration with Chronixx.

Life in every aspect

The most surprising about this album is how simply Assassin outlines daily life so that anyone could relate to it. In certain tracks such as “Day In Day Out”, Agent Sasco draws a rather dark and monotone picture of life.

Overall, he covers various aspects of the daily life. The ups and downs, such as the turmoils of  underpaid workers who struggle everyday to make both ends meet, which is balanced by the philosophy of health being more important than riches.

A good album, featuring good riddims

The delivery of the album is of good quality. It features great riddims. Shortly after being released, it received good reviews and did very well on the Billboard Chart and iTunes. Until last week, it was still peaking at the third position of the chart. For some reason, it has not been nominated for the Grammys. It’s a shame but this is how it is.

If you have already checked the album, do not hesitate to share your thoughts about it by commenting below.

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