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Day 1 – Rototom Live – Saturday 17th for Sunday 18th

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Rigoberta Menchu on the Main Stage, the Social Forum and in Magicomundo

 > The Guatemalan indigenous leader will head Sunday´s cultural activities with her speech “The culture of peace in the 21st Century” and her participation in Magicomundo, as well as speaking briefly today on the Main Stage.

> Rototom prepares itself for the arrival of the Pandilla Voladora, the new and exciting band comprising of Jairo from Muchachito Bombo Infierno, Albert Pla, El Canijo from the group los Deliquentes, El Lichis from La Cabra Mecanica and Tomasito.

> “Reggae Revival”, a new movement which is shaking up the music scene and Jamaican culture, will make an important appearance tomorrow with Protoje´s performance and a discussion in the Reggae University.

Benicàssim | Saturday 17th August, 2013

Rigoberta Menchu will spread a powerful message for peace and human rights this weekend during the first two days of Rototom Sunsplash 2013; both in her contribution tonight on the Main Stage and on Sunday morningduring the open conference which will take place in the Social Forum and in her session with children inMagicomundo. The Noble Peace Prize Winner will be the guest of honour during the early stages of the reggae festival, which is held in Benicassim for its 20th anniversary up until Saturday 24th August. On the music scene, after tonight´s concerts of Third World and Chaka Demus & Pliers, Sunday morning will see the anticipated performances of La Pandilla Voladora and Protoje.

Tomorrow, the Guatemalan indigenous leader will be the main protagonist on the first day of the Social Forum, which will become the reference point for reflexion on today´s social issues. In anticipation, today (Saturday) on the Main Stage, between the concerts of Royal Rudes and Morodo, at 22:50, she will share her first message with the public. Tomorrow (Sunday), 18th August at 19:00 in the Social Forum, Rigoberta Menchu will give her speech entitled, “The culture of peace in the 21st Century”, during which she will be accompanied by the war reporter and lecturer of MA Peace Studies at the University Jaume I (UJI), Mayte Carrasco. In the afternoon, at 17:00, the Nobel Peace Prize Winner will tell a story in Magicomundo, the space dedicated to family activities in Rototom.
The premiere of the reggae festival´s ideas laboratory will also host on Sunday the debate “Civil disobedience, an answer from non violence,” with the participation of Margret Tryggvadottir (representative of the Icelandic Citizen´s Movement), Gerardo Pisarello (Professor of Constitutional Law from Barcelona University) and Juan Carlos Monedero (Professor of Political Science of the Complutense Madrid University and writer), with Domingo Garcia (University Lecturer in Ethics at the University Jaume I in Castellón) as moderator.

La Pandilla Voladora will be one of the main musical attractions of the second day of Rototom Sunsplash. The new group of Jairo from Muchachito Bombo Infierno, Albert Pla, El Canijo from Los Delinquentes, El Lichis from La Cabra Mecanica and Tomasito will perform on the Main Stage of Rototom Sunsplash on Sunday 18th at 20:45. Their tour “Del deporte tambien se sale,” which includes hits from their respective trajectories and versions which have been reworked with their rumba influence, will hit the reggae festival as one of the summer´s biggest sensations. Without a doubt, party, humour, rumba, style fusion and bursts of energy are all guaranteed from these barrio superheroes.

Role of Reggae Revival with Protoje 

Sunday´s other main attraction will be Protoje on the main stage, flying the flag for reggae revival, a new Jamaican cultural movement which is promoting the revival of roots reggae with rasta inspiration and a strong social commitment. Tomorrow, the Reggae University will also host the discussion, “Jamaican Reggae Revival”, in which Protoje will participate, as well as Kabaka Pyramid, Iba Mahr and Dutty Bookman, author of the book Tried and True: Confessions of a RebelliousYouth.

Other appearances of interest in the festival for Sunday will be the performances of U Roy on the Main Stage and Roy Panton and Yvonne Harrisonin the Ska Club, for their only European date and accompanied by the Castellon band, the Bandits. The MCs who will present the Main Stage sets will be Marcus Reggaeland, Lampa Dread and Sophia Down, while the Showcase Club will be run by Martinika K Martin and SupaBassie.

Also tomorrow (Sunday) from 20:00, the calle Sant Tomás de Benicàssim will host the third event of the Green Car Parade. An exhibition of sustainable vehicles developed by students who, with the cooperation of I.E.S. Serra d’Espadà de Onda (Castellón), will allow attendees to learn more about the workings of these machines. The prototypes are run on clean energy, such as hydrogen, bioethanol and solar power.

For more information: visit Rototom Reggae Sunsplash festival official website.

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