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Elephant Man at the Paname Reggae Festival 2022

Elephant Man at Cabaret Sauvage in 2022

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Le Cabaret Sauvage organised the “Paname Reggae Festival” this summer.

From july 27th until July 31st, the venue welcomed artists such as Richie Spice, Jah Mason, Queen Ifrica, and Mo’Kalamity, to name a few.

We have attended Elephant Man‘s show, on Friday 29th, 2023. After his concert, we had the opportunity to interview him (Watch the interview).

As expected, Energy God delivered a lively and crazy performance. The show turned out to be more like a sound system than a plain concert.

After Ele invited a couple girls dancing on stage, more people wanted to get on stage for the thrill. Security managed to keep people away from the stage, but the vibe remained wild.

The Energy God delivered hit after hit, pulling it up almost every 2 minutes. Towards the end of the show, things got more laid back. He kindly invited a lady to dance on stage. Later on, he ended the on a smooth note show covering Sam Cooke.

More pictures of the show are availble on our Facebook page.

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