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Its All About Life Line by Beenie Man ft. DJ Mugsy Mugs & Swallow

Life Line Remix

DJ Mugsy Mugs, Beenie Man, and Swallow team up to record “Life Line Remix”

“When a song bad it is just bad. When a song great it’s just great.” That’s the quote from famous publicist Claude Mills pertaining to the Life Line single from DJ Mugsy Mugs, Beenie Man and Swallow.

It’s a classic come dance with me type of Dancehall song and that’s what we need in this present climate. Its a catchy song which seems to be always playing in your head after first hearing the track.

Guess that’s what was one of the producers main intent. Keep it simple and keep it fun. This track came about as DJ Mugsy Mugs who is well known in the New York circuit, and the local Jamaican circuit as a DJ that likes to add his production skills to the table.

Mugsy is no new comer and has been djing for the past 15 years between Jamaica and the US. Swallow who is a native of Negril Jamaica was highly recommended to sing on the hook by Mugsy as he saw him best locking in the melodies.

A song played on every mixtape, and played by local stations

Then last but not least the main ingredient. Which is the king of Dancehall Beenie Man. The track was done several times and few remixes and experiments later. They found the formula for what is now a song being played on every mixtape and a being played by local stations, IRIE FM, Fame FM and other stations.

We caught up with Mugsy after a long morning of Yoga and meditation and this is what he had to say. “I love music, I love the vibes and seeing people come together in love harmony and unity.” That’s what music is about for me. When asked if there will be any more productions, we were told there is a possibility of hearing other acts on the instrumental. Well if that’s the case Life Line just got an extension on the market place and the vibes is just starting.

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