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Kant10t Big Meech

The year has started with a fluster of music, shows and events. Covid is officially now 2 yrs removed and the changing of the guards is happening right in front our faces in the Dancehall and Reggae world. One of these young acts that has been making the rounds is Romario Watson aka “Kant10t”. He is the one who is the now.

With a career on the rise and string of underground hits the young entertainer who hails from the community of Sea View Gardens is seen as the next one up with hits like “Dungeon, 2 Phones, Big Meech”. The inner city and the radio stations have fell for his infectious delivery his rhymes and his musical expressions. Kant10t paints vivid pictures of ghetto and garrison life. The dreams and aspirations of a young adult that wants to make it out. He sings and entertains for the youths that need to know they too can break free. Kant10t is a solid performer with the songs to match.
The young DJ has inked a partnership deal with Push A Yute Ent Inc. “The aim is to deliver the best Kant10t to the world,” a quote from Vivian Thomas of Push A Yute.
With all this success thats coming and building whats next for Kant10t? The artist simple made it clear he has a new 3/4 song EP in the making with Push A Yute. He will be working with Sonovic and various billboard producers. So there is a lot more to look forward to along with the shows and bookings. Hes focused and ready to deliver.

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