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Unconditional Love Anthony West

Yesterday was Mothers Day on the island of Jamaica and we got a treat of Mothers Day hit songs. Reggae acts such as Sizzla, I Octane, Romaine Virgo all have renown songs praising and appreciating their mothers and all mothers on Earth. The warm feelings these tracks evoke are unmatched. There was a track that stood out that had me doing research. “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE” by Anthony West is such a heart felt track. Its hard not to hear and feel every emotion on every note.

Anthony clearly has a talent and clearly is a harmonist and singer. The track displays all the skill set of great production along with cadence that is rarely seen or heard from a young artist. The track was produced by “IzA Young Boy Production” and as usual they delivered on the Reggae tip.

The track is clearly one that they took time to compose and produce. The song speaks of the love he has for his mother and how he sees this woman as part of his life. This production team has a signature of making and composing instrumentals that pull a whole vibe and feelings out the act. This is evident on this track. From the intro to the bridge its all about Mom and what she means to him. This now allows me to lean into his writing abilities which he is clearly fluid with his pen game. Beautifully written.

Look out for more songs from Anthony West as my research got me to learn more about this act. His next single is also produced by Iz A Young Boy Production so we are patiently waiting.


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