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Ickarus – Picture the Future [2015]

Ickarus releases Picture the Future on LionHeights EntertainmentVirgin Islands’ musically talented artist, Ickarus, released his full length studio album this summer, titled Picture the Future.  This album brings a unique perspective about time – the present and the future, and how every action and thought we manifest today has a profound effect on our future.  Picture the Future is inspirational, and motivates the listener to think deeper about some of the experiences we encounter today and focus on what we want in life.  Ickarus was a part of the StarLion Family, with some other extraordinary artists from the V.I., including Niyorah and Pressure.  Ickarus is currently representing LionHeights Entertainment with King Dan.Ickarus sheds some light on his new album:

Picture the Future is an album of songs about the times and how they are changing from the past up to now, the present.  I’ve realized that the decisions you make in life now will create the future.  You will see good things if you’re focused, you know what you want to do, and what it will take to accomplish – but it could be a bad thing if you are confused, not sure what you’re doing, and making decisions without regards to principle.  This can be detrimental not only to you, but to others who give respect.”

Big tunes throughout the album, hits like: Suffering Bomb, Picture the Future, Locked Out, Diamonds, and Taking My Time showcase Ickarus‘ unique lyrical style and ability.  He highlights on relevant problems of today’s way of life and society, to different solutions.  Ickarus holds a high meditation when he talks about problems plaguing the world, and that he is surely trying to Picture the Future. This album is also about culture.  Ickarus touches on this topic:

“Anyone that values life knows the importance of culture, especially from an ancient tradition – where civilization began, in Africa.  Those practices and livity are worldwide.”

Be sure to check out this album if you have not already – Ickarus always comes forth with some crucial vibes. Try to take some time and Picture the Future – become aware of your goals, action, and thoughts, for it is these things that manifest your future.  Get your copy on digital outlets online today.  Bless up!Tracklist:

  1. “REAL”
  2. Picture the Future
  3. Taking My Time
  4. Locked Out
  5. All My Life
  6. Girl You Kno
  7. Prices
  8. Smile
  9. Suffering Bomb
  10. Diamonds
  11. Making Money (Ft. Shotta B)
  12. Party Tonight


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