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Steel Pulse: Live Show in France, Oct. 4th (Concert Review)

David Hinds, Steel Pulse live in Brest, France

Steel Pulse begins their tour in France at La Carène, Brest on October 4th, 2013

After giving a phenomenal performance at the Garance Festival one of the biggest reggae events in France,  grammy-award winning band Steel Pulse is back to France to make us rock to the roots. They begun their tour in Spain a couple days ago and performed at la Carène in Brest (France) last night (October 4th, 2013).Lead singer and guitarist David “Dread” Hinds alongside his band spread a positive vibe of reggae music and rasta livity during an amazing 90 minute show full of energy.

To begin with, Steel Pulse dropped  “Blues Dance Raid” off the “True Democracy” album that was released in 1982, followed by an act of their rastafari anthem in tribute to Marcus Garvey“Rally Round” (“Worth His Weight In  Gold”) marked by the dancehall deejay skills of Selwyn “Bumbo”Brown.

David “Dread” Hinds, lead singer of Steel Pulse
They claimed life couldn’t go without with their song “Roller Skates”  featured on the album “Earth In Crisis” issued in 1984 and then moved the massives with their exalted ska-oriented single “Chant A Psalm” .  As the show continued, Steel Pulse called down judgement on Babylon  with “A Who Responsible” tinted by the warm sound of Jerry “Saxman” Johnson’s saxophone. They also claimed that they ain’t got nothing to declare with the swinging “Drug Squad”from their 1980 album “Reggae Fever”, accompanied by David Hinds’s son “Baruch” who appeared on stage to rap a verse.The UK-based reggae band affirmed by singing their african roots loud and clear in an old school dancehall rockers style with “Black and Proud” that was released on “Reggae and Fury” in 1997. Once again, keyboardist Selwyn“Bumbo” Brown demonstrated his wicked flow. David “Dread” Hinds dedicated the song  “Islands Unite”,  which was featured on their album “Vex” released in 1994, to Kenya that celebrates this year their 50th Independence anniversary.They carried on with their political song “Body Guard” denouncing the corruption amongst politicians and their everlasting hit “Steppin’ Out”After a short interlude, during which the crowd just kept asking for more, David Hinds came back on stage with his acoustic guitar to perform “Freedom reign” a song inspired by the “I have a dream” Martin Luther King‘s speech.
Steel Pulse lead singer David “Dread” Hinds holds the microphone towards the crowd.
Later on SP picked up the pace with the uplifting call-and-response melody of “Babylon Makes The Rules” featured on the 1979 album “Tribute to the Martyrs” 1979, followed by their song of protest against mass destruction weapons “No More Weapon” off “African Holocaust” published in 2004. Last but not least, they performed the gorgeous love song  “Your House” to wrap up the show.The public wanted more music but every good thing has an end. To sum-up, the show was really awesome. Even though, some people might think roots is not dynamic enough, I can assure you they were rocking that night and they got the crowd moving too. They came off stage to meet with the public, take pictures and sign autographs, which was really cool. It was the second time that I see them live, I wasn’t disappointed and I hope I will have the chance to see them one more time.View pictures from the show: 

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