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Focus Riddim (DJ Fydale)

Art Cover - Focus Riddim (DJ Fydale)

DJ Fydale presents the “Focus Riddim”

The “Focus Riddim”, produced by DJ Fydale, is a various-artist Modern Dancehall compilation. It features well-renowned artists like Anthony B, Chuck Fenda, Perfect, Lutan Fyah, Ninja Ford and artists of the new generation like Dynamite, Maggikal and many more. Not to be mistaken with the 2009 and 2012 “Focus Riddim”, respectively produced by Vikings and Digital Link.

Track list:

  1. Anthony B – Cyan Test Dont Tes
  2. Chuck Fenda – Dem Wicked Inna
  3. Dizzy Dee – Keep Calling
  4. Dynamite – Stay Humble
  5. Iley Creation – Not So Easy
  6. Jah Hanief – Dont Make Noise
  7. Jahwill – Baracuda
  8. Kerry Star – Bumpa Roll
  9. Lrazor – Wine Your Body
  10. Lutan Fyah – Rasta Fi Rich
  11. Maggikal – First Day
  12. Ninja Ford – Cyah Mek Me Run
  13. Nutty O – Tough Like Stone
  14. Perfect – Badda Dan Them Bombo
  15. UT Ras – Sex Prudd Ruff
  16. Viviun – Seize & Sekkle
  17. DJ Fydale – Focus Riddim [Instrumental]


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