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Rain From The Skies Riddim (Various Versions)

Rain From The Skies Riddim (Various Versions)

Various tracks off the “Rain From The Skies Riddim”

The “Rain From The Skies Riddim” was originally produced by Clement “Coxsone” Dodd for Studio One record label. Therefore, it is a Rocksteady track of good quality. It starts with the warm sound of a mellow trombone solo.

In 1968, Wilson Delroy recorded a cover of “Rain From The Skies” made famous by Johnnie Walker in 1964. Like Bill Withers, he sings that the sun is gone since his girlfriend has gone away. He’s so saddened by her departure that he can’t make the difference between the rain and his tears. It’s a very romantic song like many of the early Rocksteady material. Since 1968, various producers have re cut and remade this musical treasure.

So, as requested, I’m sharing with you a few tracks which were voiced on the “Rain From The Skies”.

Do not hesitate to let us know what you think of this riddim. Leave a comment below. Besides, if you happen to have more tracks from this riddim, share it with us by e-mail:

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