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Tun It Up Riddim Driven [2001] (Willie Lindo)

Tun It Up Riddim Driven [2001] (Willie Lindo)

In 2001, Willie Lindo produced the “Tun It Up Riddim,” which features artists such as Freddie McGregor, Jimmy Riley, Glen Washington, Kashief Lindo, and more.

Earlier versions

This riddim is a recut of the “Rougher Yet Riddim,” produced by Coxsone, on which Slim Smith & The Soul Vendors recorded “Rougher Yet”, released in 1967.

Later on, in 1979, Lone Ranger recorded the Dancehall song “Love Bump,” in which he relates the effects of ptomaïne food poisoning (The Gleaner, 2018). Due to the popularity of this single, the “Rougher Yet Riddim” is also known as the “Love Bump Riddim.”

During the 90’s, this riddim regain popularity with the release of “Oh Me, Oh My,” made famous by Garnett Silk on the Mainstream Label in 1992.

The 2001 Willie Lindo’s version

Another decade later, Willie Lindo rejuvenates this classic, and releases it as part as the “Riddim Driven” series.

His version features Jimmy Riley, Freddie McGregor, Glen Washington, and more (Click here to view track list).

It is available for streaming, and purchase on digital outlets. You may click here to preview it or click here to buy it now.

The VP Records‘ “Riddim Driven” series includes more than a 100 riddims. It’s a must-have in your Dancehall collection. So make sure you get this issue if you don’t have it yet. Do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Let us know what you think of this compilation.

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