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A little Reggae playlist for 420 #420


Here’s a little Reggae playlist featuring Peter Tosh, Jigsy King, The Mighty Diamonds, and many more for 420

Somehow, I’ve been able to post this playlist before it is way too late against all odds. Depending on where you live, it might be a little late to celebrate 420 right now. However, the night is only about to beginning in certain areas of the world, like in California. It’s been a while since I’ve published an article for the occasion, so I’ve decided to share with you a little bit of Reggae and some Dancehall music, of which the main topic is the herb.

The healing of the nation?

Whether you’re from Africa, America or the caribbean… You’ve all heard about the herb. Some call it ganja, others call it sensimelia. Some even anthropomorphize it and call it Mari Juana. They say it was found on the grave of King Solomon. If you’re reading this post, you’re probably among the “category” of people who love and cherish the herb. And you know out there, there’s a bunch of people who’s trying to eradicate it.

They claim it’s unhealthy and make it illegal as a “public healthcare measure”. Though, they do not ban other substances which are way more destructive than this little herb. On one hand, this is very outrageous that you cannot get high by lighting a spliff but others are allowed to get wasted. On the other hand, if they legalize it they might find a way to genetically and/or chemically make it as bad as poisons that are available to the general public and then blame it on the people who claimed and/or proved it was the healing of the nation.

Cash rules everything around me, CREAM!

So let’s be clear, the only reason why they keep on selling poisons as lethal as nicotine, and ethanol is money. They say herb is dangerous for many reasons but if this the only reason, there are activities way more perilous that we should ban right now. Since “the dose makes the poison”, everything that surrounds us is potentially dangerous and carcinogenic [1].

Maybe there are other reasons that are more obscure. But in case finances is the only thing that worries them, they should take a look at Colorado’s economics, which have been thriving since they legalized weed [2].

Nevertheless, things slowly progress. In Jamaica, it has been decriminalized during the last decade [3]. It may seems like it’s only a small step for the ganja farmers. But remember, one, one cocoa fulls a basket.

So I invite all of those who love this mystical plant to listen to our selection of 20 Reggae ganja anthems.

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