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Anthony B #ThrowbackThursday

anthony b

This week, we invite you to check out some oldies from Anthony B

Anthony B is coming back to France next Friday to perform at Le Forum Vaureal. To get in the mood, and warm up for the concert, we have decided to go through his discography and check out some of his oldies. You may find our selection below.In 1995, Anthony B released his debut album “So Many Things” that Richard Bell produced for Star Trail Records. This album contains some interesting songs, such as “Fire Pon Rome,” “Low The Herb,” “One Thing.

“Fire Pon Rome”

“Fire Pon Rome” is quite a surprising, and controversial nyahbinghi song. In this song, the bobo dread artist denounces the oppression of black people, and calls out names of corrupted political figures, amongst others. It’s one of the rare songs, in which a Jamaican artist dares to call out names of politicians. The song was recorded on the “Kette Drum Riddim,” which is available here.

“One Thing”

In 1995, Anthony B stepped on stage at the legendary festival Sting in Portmore, Jamaica. On the video below, you can watch him perform “One Thinglive on stage.

“Low The Herb”

“Low The Herb”  is a classic ganja anthem. Long before the decriminalization of mari juana, Anthony B already pleaded for the legalization of weed. It must be interesting to know his current position on the evolution of the law.

“World A Reggae Music”

Produced by Fabrice “Frenchie” Allègre for Maximum Sound in 2005, “World A Reggae Music” is an uptempo cover of Ini Kamoze‘s hit of the same name. The song is featured on the 73th volume of the Greensleeves Rhythm series “World Jam Riddim”.For more music, you may check out his discography on Do not hesitate to let us know what is your favorite Anthony B‘s songs. You can leave a comment below, and also share it on social networks.

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