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Dennis Brown – Over The Rainbow

dennis emmanuel brown - rock on (over the rainbow)

D Phil Records presents “Over The Rainbow” by Dennis Brown

“Over The Rainbow” is another track, produced by D Phil Records, from Dennis Brown‘s latest EP “Rock On”. Like some of you have probably guessed, it’s a cover of the late 30’s classic of the same name, composed by Harold Arlen and featured in the movie “The Wizard of Oz”.  The track is wonderfully produced. Dean Fraser‘s sax section is extremely melodious and soothing. Even though the D Brown‘s vocals were recorded nearly 17 years ago, the song still sounds fresh thanks to the great backing band and the quality of the mixing. The song really rocks.

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If you like this track or Dennis Brown in general, also check out the single “Rock On”Share this post if you like the track. Do not hesitate to leave a comment if you have anything to say about it.

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