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Dennis Brown – Rock On (D Phil)

Dennis Emmanuel Brown Rock On EP cover (Zojak) - Itunes

D Phil Productions presents “Rock On” by Dennis Emmanuel Brown

Sixteen years after the death of Dennis Emmanuel Brown, Phillip “Phil” Thompson releases a set of exclusive recordings of the Crown Prince of Reggae, in an EP entitled “Rock On”.Back then, in june 1999, the producer and D Brown had no idea that these were about to be the very last songs that Dennis would record.Now, those tracks, including the single of the same name as the EP “Rock On”, are to be revealed to the public’s ears. In order to get the best out of Dennis Brown‘s latest work, Phil got Sydney Mills, The Skatalites’ current bassist Val Douglas, saxophonist Dean Fraser, and Grammy winning Producer James “Bonzai” Caruso for backing.The EP is going to be released on December 18th, 2015 on digital outlets. Watch out. Share and comment.DOWNLOAD PROMO SINGLE

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