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Derrick Pitter

There’s is a big difference between a maestro and a novice and in this particular craft of being a singer, the listener gets the chance to hear the clarity, melody and cadence coming through Derrick Pitter’s voice.
Derrick Pitter has years of studio and stage experience that can be felt and heard. He has a sound that makes his signature voice known. He has several projects packaged and ready to go. The aim is to use 2024 and release his EP.
On his latest single “SOS” & “Give me your love” Derrick offers sweet melody for all to hear.
Jamaican born singer who now resides in the abroad, has never let go of his Jamaican roots and is still very connected to the roots and rock steady sound that Jamaica is known for.
Derrick Pitter will be in the studio working on some more upcoming singles and possibly an EP in the near future. Rumor has it he is in the process of inking a production deal with Zen Studios in Jamaica.
Feel free to get to know the artist by listening to his musical catalogue. You can stream songs such as ” Bring it back”.
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