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Elad Gideon – The Worst #HipHop

Young Jamaican rapper Elad Gideon drops new single “The Worst”

On a mellow piano Hip Hop beat, young Jamaican rapper Elad Gideon delivers a rather raw track about what we could call “the worst” relationship ever. In his single titled “The Worst”, Elad Gideon sings about a situation many people have probably faced once in their life, falling in love with someone whom they shouldn’t and doesn’t feel the same.

“You hide behind your smile but in your eyes me see your pain ‘cuz you’re falling fi a  man who a go never feel the same.” 

The melancholy of this song is emphasized by the resonating piano sample used in the beat and the remaining vocals of Jhene Aiko in the chorus singing:

“I don’t need you, but I want you. I don’t mean to, but I love you.”

Overall, it’s a decent Hip Hop song. The song is available for free streaming and download on Soundcloud and Youtube. Do not hesitate to check it out. Share and comment if you like it.

“Though me miss you, nah go admit it. Me rather admit it to the hospital before me confess me love this nasty gyal because you pass me gyal you too dirty. You unfaithful, you no worth it, but whenever me see you me know seh Christmas come early.”

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