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FaReal – Mr BadMind (Good Good Production)

FaReal - Mr BadMind (Good Good Production)

Fareal releases new song entitled “Mr BadMind”

Brooklyn, New York, June 2015 — Artiste Randy Thomas aka “FaReal” sets the record straight with his new song “Mr BadMind”, a straight shot at artistes aiming to undermine his brand. With today’s dancehall becoming somewhat of a competitive sport, rival DJ’s are constantly sparring for their place at the top. With that being said, dancehall is a small arena with few artistes competing.

Therefore, when FaReal was recently met with underhanded jabs by fellow artist, he did not hesitate to deliver lyrical shots with his new viral single “Mr BadMind”, a response that may have artists thinking twice before calling out the ‘Di Realest’. Mr BadMind is on Good Good Production‘s latest project Liqour Riddim; which features artists such as Mavado, Beenie Man, Alkaline, etc.

When discussing the politics surrounding the release of “Mr BadMind ,” FaReal asserts: “Music is a mission in which artist should use as postive inspiration to a generation, and not use to compete and tear another artist down. We should uplift each other. Rid our selves of that ‘crab in barrel’ mentality.”

Source: Fareal Press Release – 06.12.15

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