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Sean Paul Special #FlashBackFriday @duttypaul

sean paul - stage one (back cover)

This #FlashBackFriday, I’m sharing with you some old Sean Paul tracks

Today, January 9th 2015, international Reggae Dancehall superstar celebrates his 42th birthday. So, I thought I would share some of his old tracks that I rate.

Often criticized for being a sellout and/or a copycat of Super Cat, he’s probably one of less popular artists amongst the hardcore Dancehall fans community. On the other hand, he’s currently one of the best-known mainstream Dancehall deejays internationally speaking, alongside Shaggy and Damian Marley. Moreover, he has been nominated for the Grammy Awards one more time with his latest album “Full Frequency”.

His debut & breakthrough

Shortly after the release of his debut album “Stage One” at the beginning of this new millenium, he rose to stardom with the single “Gimme The Light” (Buzz Riddim). In 2004, Sean Paul won a Grammy Award for the Best Reggae Album with his sophomore album “Dutty Rock”.

He’s well known for his club-oriented tracks such as “Get Busy”, “Like Glue”, remixes with rappers such as Busta Rhymes, R’n’B and Pop singers like Beyoncé and crossovers between Reggae Dancehall with other genres. Lately, the music he delivers is a sort fusion between Dancehall, Pop and EDM. From time to time, he drops a song on a Dancehall riddim such as his latest track “Hypocrite”

If you have been listening to Dancehall music for a while now, you probably know there was a time when he was mainly recording tracks on rhythm albums like the “Get Mad Now Riddim”, “Unda Wata Riddim”, “Liquid Riddim” to name a few.

Before he rose to fame

Just like any young artist who aspires to step on stage in front of thousand people, Sean Paul once was a Jamaican youth who was trying to make it in the Dancehall industry. Unlike what many people think, he doesn’t only record love songs and club bangers. Sometimes, he can also write about deeper topics and more serious issues such as guns & violence in Jamaica, the loss of a relative, his faith in Jah, the brutality of police or even the prevention of AIDS & STD.

Throwback Package

So here’s a selection of 20 Sean Paul‘s tracks from his early Dancehall days until 2008. I hope you’ll enjoy it.



Link updated on 08/07/16.

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