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Gypsy King – Born to Live in Jail

Art Cover - Gypsy King - Born to Live in Jail

Gypsy King presents “Born to Live in Jail”

I’d like to introduce the new reggae single “Born to Live in Jail” written by Jamaican musician/singer/songwriter/producer, O’Niel “Drumstix” Walters and performed by Gypsy King alongside the Warrior Love Band.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if you were « born to live in jail? » A couple of artists have already sung about their personal experience of imprisonment in order to reason the youths and convince them to live righteously. Here, Gypsy King has chosen a different approach. He sings about imprisonment as a consequence of adopting deviant behavior.

He first expresses the despair of men (and women) who come to the realization that they have taken the wrong path and they are now paying for their wrongdoings. « Sentenced to life. Ain’t got to bail. […] Some man say them sorry to say them born when they see where they end up. » 

He also delivers a social commentary on juvenile delinquency and criminality. According to him, today’s society would be designed in a certain way that incites underprivileged youth towards violence and crime. « You can talk all you want but you can’t tell a man how fi raise him pickney. […] The system design fi them fail. Every youth want a 9. »

The song produced by Drumstix is pretty well executed by the live band Warrior Love. The riddim sounds proper. Plus, Gypsy King’s vocals are perfectly on point and as smooth as velvet. If you’re looking forward to hearing some consciously-aware Reggae tracks, check this one out. It’s worth a listen. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts on this one by commenting below.

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