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Jah Mason ft Natanja – Cries For Love

jah mason - cries for love

Pressure Dem Records presents “Cries For Love” by Jah Mason featuring Natanja

Nearly ten years after singing out his love for “mama Earth”, Jah Mason is back with a brand-new Reggae track about mother Earth titled “Cries For Love”. This time, he’s accompanied by french Reggae artist Natanja and backing band Stargate.

On the “Spring Riddim”, the duo sing “I heard mother Earth cries out for love. I heard mother Earth cries out from above.” This song is a sort of warning  to mankind, who unconsciously abuse of natural resources and overproduce substances, which are detrimental to our ecosystem.

This song is totally in phase with current situation. Its release coincides with the period when the sustainable innovation forum COP21 was held in Paris.

Musically speaking, the track is quite solid. As usual, Jah Mason delivers meaningful lyrics with his very distinctive and pleasantly grainy vocals. Natanja is quite good too even though he is not up to Jah Mason‘s level. His lyrics are quite simple and a bit repetitive in my opinion. Nevertheless, it might be a strategic way for him to get his message anchored in people’s brain as he repeats: “Pay attention!”.

The riddim is uptempo and very cheerful. It adds up to the positiveness of their message. I believe this tune is not meant to be a lamenting about the current environmental situation. Jah Mason and Natanja aim to educate people to be more careful and love mama Earth.

The song is due to be released on December 21st, 2015. Watch out for the official release.

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