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Jesse Royal – Finally @RnBiggy


Jesse Royal sings “Finally, natty dreadlocks can smoke inna peace”

It’s been a very long time that the people who belong to the Rastafarian movement and occasional weed smokers from Jamaica have been waiting for this day. On February 6th, 2015, Jamaica becomes the first caribbean country to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of cannabis. It’s not totally legal yet but it’s one step closer.

Therefore, Jamaican Reggae singer Jesse Royal expresses his satisfaction regarding this matter in a brand-new song entitled “Finally”. A cheerful and slightly teasing Reggae track voiced on the soon to be released “Steamaz Riddim”, produced by Biggy MusicHe emphasizes on how long people in Jamaica have been unjustly bothered by the police for simply smoking a joint and also for how long they’ve been fighting for the legalization of the holy herb.

Finally, natty dread can smoke inna peace And mei nuh haffi run from nuh police. I man was waiting, I was praying, I was hoping for days like these.


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