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Lord Creator – Independent Jamaica [1962] (Randy’s)

Lord Creator - Independent Jamaica

1962: Jamaica celebrates independence / Creative Calypso presents “Independent Jamaica” by Lord Creator

This month, I invite you all to embark on a musical journey, deeply anchored in Jamaica’s history, to celebrate the Reggae Month. To begin with, let’s go back in time. 1962 marks the beginning of a new era in Jamaica.

The birth of a Nation

At the beginning of the year, a new constitution was signed. Alexander Bustamante, member of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), was elected as the first Prime Minister of Jamaica. Then, on August 6th, 1962, Jamaica became an Independent Nation of the Commonwealth. The black, gold and green flag rose above a newly born nation[1].

Pride and joy of the people

At that time, Jamaicans couldn’t have been happier. Back then, independence probably meant it would be the end of oppression. Since the end of the 50’s, Edward Seaga started recording local artists[2]. In 1962, Jamaicans were even more enthusiastic to listen to music produced by their fellows. We can only imagine that the feel of national pride couldn’t have been higher.In 1962, producer  Vincent “Randy” Chin encouraged Lord Creator to voice a song to celebrate Jamaica’s independence[3]. Randy’s released “Independent Jamaica,” performed by Lord Creator, which became the official song marking the independence of Jamaica[4]. It was also the very first single released on Island Records label in the UK[5].We invite you to check out this single [Download (1)], as well as our of songs of independence [Download (2)].


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