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M-Gee & Dexta Daps – Back Pocket Hail

M-Gee & Dexta Daps - Back Pocket Hail

GS Music Entertainment presents “Back Pocket Hail” performed by M-Gee in collaboration with Dexta Daps

M-Gee & Dexta Daps join forces to warn the hypocrites to stay away from them in a Dancehall single entitled “Back Pocket Hail”. The anti-hypocrite anthem was voiced on the “Immortal Riddim” produced by Beat Mania in 2012. It’s now released as a single under GS Music Entertainment‘s label. M-Gee delivers his message with a smooth flow and powerful vocals comparable to artists like Kiprich, Chico and Jah Vinci. He’s not at tho level, but he’s on the right path lyrically and vocally.

Careful about the fake smile… Them a great pretender. A no every hail is a good hail gimme no back pocket hail. Every every smile a no a good smile.

“Back Pocket Hail” is available for purchase on iTunes, get your copy now.Buy it on iTunes | DOWNLOAD

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