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Mickey Shiloh & Aynzli Jones – Insomniac

Insomniac (feat. Mickey Shiloh and Aynzli Jones)

Artizonals presents “Insomniac” featuring Mickey Shiloh and Aynzli Jones

After releasing the single “I Want You” featuring JS, LA-based production group The Artizonals revisits the “Diwali Riddim” with a cover of Wayne Wonder‘s hit song “No Letting Go”performed by Mickey Shiloh and Jamaican rapper Ainzly Jones. 

Like the original version of “No Letting Go”, “Insomniac” would perfectly fit in a club. It’s uptempo and very percussive, with a little touch of modern synthesizers that adds a pop-ish/clubby aspect to the track. Moreover, if you listen carefully you could notice that the indian sonorities of the “Diwali Riddim” are more prominent in the original cut.

However, the single is still enjoyable. Micky Shiloh‘s voice is not uncommon nor incredibly powerful enough to be told it is unique in its genre but it is not unpleasant to listen to. Her style is a bit reminiscent of Rihanna‘s early work.

The Grammy Nominated group has already planned to release a latin/pop single titled “Guerra” with Mexican songstress Jass Reyes on AMG Records.

Meanwhile, “Insomniac (feat. Mickey Shiloh and Aynzli Jones)” is available on all the major digital outlets. Check it out. share and comment if you like it.

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