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Mr Vegas – What A Gwaan (MV Music)

Mr Vegas - What A Gwaan

MV Music presents “What A Gwaan” by Mister Vegas

“What A Gwaan” is a social commentary on violence in Jamaica. In this brand-new modern Dancehall song, Mr. Vegas highlights crimes he cannot condone. Robbery, murder, and rape. In a certain way, he intends to raise awareness among the youth.

“You kill a youth fi a phone, me no rate that. […]
My life worth more than a cell phone.
You no see say life nice like a hit song pon a cellphone. […]
From you take a youth life, you must get fire and brimstone.”

Musically, the song sounds very cheerful. It actually sounds like a lighthearted summer hit song even though he deals with a serious matter. Most of the song is structured in a “call & answer” style, which makes it quite catchy and easy to sing along.

Also, this song sort of has a Dancehall Gospel vibe like his tune “I Am Blessed” on the “Good Life Riddim.” The track is mostly focused on societal issues but at some point, he also expresses his Christian faith.

“Any man who cuss God, me hate that!
Big up Saint Mary, I hail that!”

I suppose we might expect more Dancehall Gospel from Mr. Vegas since he stated he was stepping away from Dancehall and released his first Gospel album, “Soul Therapy,” this year.

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