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Dynamite – Believe (Official Music Video)

Watch Dynamite’s latest music video “Believe”

Young dancehall artist from Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, Dynamite, delivers a single, which aims to motivate the youths. Believe in you: This is the message Dynamite wants to spread. He briefly speaks about his own experience as an artist, highlighting the fact that no one believed in him but himself.The song was voiced on the “Vodka Riddim”, a laid-back Modern minimalistic Dancehall beat, which leaves enough room for Dynamite‘s unique voice to be heard. The song is quite good and sort of reminds me of Versatile‘s track “Made It”lyrically speaking.Just for the record, “Believe” was produced by RRAW Records then mixed and mastered by Wetty Beatz. Watch the video. Listen to the song. Enjoy and let us know what you think about it. For those interested, the lyrics written by Joel Tyril are available below. Do not hesitate to share the video.

“Believe” Lyrics

© Joel Tyril January, 11th 2014 (Country) St Vincent and the Grenadines. Lyrics For Believe ..All When Them … CHAAAA …Dynamite again …. Wo wo woooooo …All when them na believe in me …. CHAAAA …ChorusAll when them na believe in me, me believe in me foreverMe ha fe have faith as ah mustard seed me believe in TheAim beyond the stars go fe way yo want work hard.Verse 1They say me never make itTime you ah waste na badda try give it up face itNuff times me fall and them laugh again7 times fall, seven, seven times born againMe sing this one fe themJourney of life never straight it have the corner bendWey me can’t ride, me ah walk me friendJah in ah me life so me cross the darkest fenceWey we ha fe have confidence, full confidenceChorusVerse 2Every Journey commence with one stepone step gawn step to the concepttime after time me try and fail againnever drop guard ship set sail againNuff stress born and raise ruff yessUnless me press do me best me na get so me confessDey pon ah mission not ah contestComprehend content in ah purest contextChorus

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