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El Speaker & Highdiwaan – LiveStyle #1 Revolution

El Speaker & Highdiwaan - Rude Boy

El Speaker & Highdiwaan presents “Livestyle #1 Revolution”

French Reggae Dancehall singer Highdiwaan and producer El Speaker join forces with pianist Leo XVI to deliver a delightful live performance. Highdiwaan rebels and demands his brothers and sisters to join him in a revolution against Babylon, vigorously chanting along the sophisticated live melody of a piano and bursts of a cajon percussion. The flow and vocals of Highdiwaan thoroughly blends with the brawny rhythm of Latin music, which alternates with a more softened Pop-ish melody on the piano, beautifully mastered by Leo XVI. What’s even more enjoyable about this performance is the good vibe the artists spread throughout the whole video. They really seem to be enjoying and feeling the music they’re making. If you like acoustic piano and live music in general, check this video out. Share and comment if you like it.For more music, follow El Speaker & Highdiwaan on Soundcloud : |

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