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Hervin Bailey Jr ft Tactiks – Downtown (Official Video) #HipHop

Art Cover - Hervin Bailey Jr ft Tactiks - Downtown

Hervin Bailey Jr and Tactiks unveils music video for single “Downtown”

“Downtown” is a Rap song performed by Hervin “BLVK H3RO” Bailey Jr featuring Tactiks on a Hip Hop beat sampling a piano loop produced by MBP. Those who have been tuned in the  mainstream airwaves in the early 2000’s might have recognized that the first verse of the track was introduced by the line “making my way downtown…” in reference to the 2002 single  A Thousand Miles performed by Vanessa CarltonThe duo formed by Hervin Bailey Jr and Tacktiks have just shot a music video for the single “Downtown” that will be on Hervin‘s EP entitled “The Hu$tle” to be released soon. The video was filmed by Zaken Photography. We invite you to watch it and leave a feedback by commenting below.

You can also listen and download the “Downtown” on Soundcloud.

I am creative, courageous an am smart, I am the bull’s eye, I am the aim and yes am the dart I am Pablo Picasso, DA Vinci I am living art I am living color, so u Winans can run all the jokes that you want I am everything you are and everything that your aren’t I am Einstein, Edison and sometimes am not really too smart I am the shit and indeed I am the fart I am what makes us the same and what sets us apart I am putting myself together, even when i do fall apart even if me an ma niggas do part, am still doing ma part to ensure we all have cars to park I am in charge of ma destiny, desperately holding on to my heart god is the beginning and the end so where do I start?

For more music by Hervin “BLVK H3RO” Bailey Jr you can visit their Soundcloud profile or Facebook Page as well as Hervin Bailey Jr‘s Fan Page on Facebook.

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