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Macka B – Never Played A 45 [2015] (Pecking Records)

Macka B - Never Played A 45

Macka B unveils music video for the single “Never Played A 45”

Macka B unveils the official music video of his single “Never Played A 45”, produced by Pecking Records. A simple and explicative video, which highlights the greatness of vinyl record’s. Suppm about the feel and the vibe.”

In this song, Macka B‘s intention is not to discriminate against DJs of the younger generation who have never touched a 7″ record in their entire life but to teach them about it.

“It’s alright to play laptop. Alright to play CDs. It’s alright to play your mp3s. But don’t leave out the vinyls, you can use them side by side with the technology.”

Plenty information about vinyl records are displayed in the music video. Besides Macka B sings about the unique experience that it is to play a 45.

“You ever feel the vibe when you hold a 45, when you thumb inna the middle and fingers on the outside. Black vinyl about 7 inch wide, information pon di label, use it pon the two sides.”

The song is very nice. Quite groovy and catchy on an original cut of old-school Reggae riddim “54-46 (Was My Number)”.

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