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Rivah Jordan – Wish 4 Me (Official Music Video) #Dancehall

Rivah Jordan - Wish 4 Me (Official Music Video) #Dancehall

Rivah Jordan unleashes music video for his single “Wish 4 Me”

“Wish 4 Me” is a freshly released song manufactured by talented artist Rivah Jordan. It is an allegory of a well known aphorism “treat your next ones the way you want to be treated yourself”. American, European and Caribbean heads alike have been bumping to this gem. Besides, the single has been harvesting positive reviews on various online blogs and forums worldwide.

Song review

Dynamic vibes peppered with Hip-Hop/Dancehall touch that flow in the vein and vessels of this instrumental create a flourishing platform for solid lyrics and message. The poignant strings and organs generate a cinematic feeling, something that is being build up, sort of silence before the storm. His delivery is eloquent and full of passion. What you wish for your peer you would manifest for yourself. The hype around this artist now leads to brighter prospects for Rivah Jordan. DJs are receiving positive feedbacks from audiences to “Wish 4 Me” on a daily basis. Drum and Bass remix and a vocal remix are in the production line.

Watch the music video

Rivah Jordan has toured with Prezident Brown for 2 months in order to promote “NO to GMO” in California. He has also performed in Europe @ Exit Festival in Serbia as well as Seadance and Montenegro Sun Reggae Festival. Rivah Jordan is climbing up the celebrity ladder with a dead certainty. We can affirm he is enjoying a gradual progress in his artistic efforts. Moreover, he claims that “quite a number of European promoters are getting in touch [with him] to organize shows”.

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