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Tanya Stephens ft Sanjay 'Corners Of My Mind' Official Video #Featured

Tanya Stephens unveils brand-new music video for “Corners Of My Mind” featuring Sanjay

Tanya Stephens unveils brand-new music video for “Corners Of My Mind,” featured on her latest album “Guilty”, in collaboration with Reggae Dancehall artist Sanjay. One of the best songs of the album. Heartbreaking and full of emotion. Both artists’ voices blend perfectly with the riddim. The spanish guitars gives it a romantic tone and the slightly distorted electric guitar make it sounds melancholic. Tanya delivers a strong message about physical and/or sexual violence against women in this video. The end of the video is quite unexpected. I’ll let you discover it by yourself. The single and the album are both available for purchase on iTunes.

‘In the corners of my room, don’t wait for me. She says she’s leaving. She says she’s gone. In the corners of my mind, I try to figure where did we go wrong. Where did we go wrong?’

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