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“What If” by Busy Signal (Official Music Video)

"What If" by Busy Signal (Official Music Video)

Busy Signal unveils official music video, directed by Dameon Gayle and Benjamin Lidsky, for the single “What If”

What if Busy never recorded that song? “What If”, performed by Jamaican Deejay Busy Signal, is the kind of track that makes you stop and think for a while. Throughout the 2 minutes and 30 seconds of this song, various questions concerning hypothetical situations, which would have made things drastically different from what they are today if they were real, are brought up by the Dancehall artist. And the answer, of course, remains unknown.

“What if that day them never sell me out to the cops? What if me never did a get 6 months and come back? […] What if tomorrow morning everybody stop smoke and drink? No club, no party, no fun, what you think? […] You never know…

The music video includes various footage from Busy Signal in Jamaica, Dubai and Colombia. It also includes appearances by Konshens and Exco Levi. 

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